Guidance On Intricate Contemporary Issues

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Welcome to Islamic Book Centre

We are amongst the UK's leading retailers and distributors of Islamic literature, catering particularly for English, Urdu and Arabic speakers.

We aim to deliver the widest collection of Islamic books, at extremely competitive prices. Using the latest technology and resources available to us, we endeavour to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. It is our goal to serve by following and adhering to the Islamic principles and guidelines set forth by the natural Islamic tradition, and other accepted sources which promote honesty, integrity, faithfulness and goodwill towards others.

Whether you're a newcomer to Islam, a Muslim or Muslim revert who is rediscovering true Islam for the first time, someone who is simply interested in the faith which claims over two billion followers worldwide, or a researcher, educator, student or writer, Islamic Book Centre provides authoritative islamic literature for a varied array of genres.

For your convenience, we have made available a English, Urdu and Arabic book list in PDF format. Additionally, should you find that the text you require isn't in our book list, you may request it by clicking the tab on the left and filling in the form or by contacting us directly via phone.

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